Take a look at some of our completed kitchen remodeling projects. We think it might inspire you.

Kitchen Remodeling projects

Kitchen remodeling in NYC

The kitchen is a place where the whole family spends a significant part of their time, as well as guests. This is probably why the decoration in this room becomes unusable relatively faster. Almost everyone would like to have a brighter and more spacious kitchen, where it would be convenient to cook, comfortably seated when eating. In order for the repair to bring the expected result and last for a long time, it should be entrusted to professionals.

It is necessary to think over the efficient use of space, provide for the optimal combination of natural and artificial light sources, combine the style and design of decoration, furniture, kitchen appliances. All this is difficult to imagine and compare on your own. Our company employs specialists for whom turnkey kitchen renovation is the main profile. A team is working on the project, including an interior designer. They will be able to offer the most suitable options according to your wishes, area and budget, eliminate unforeseen difficulties and costs.

We carry out various types of kitchen renovations, from cosmetic to complex turnkey projects. It is possible to prepare a design project, assistance in the selection and purchase of all necessary materials with delivery to the site. In addition to finishing, we carry out preparatory engineering work on the replacement of electrical wiring and the replacement of water pipes, we divide the space, we combine the room with a balcony. A variety of materials can be used, based on the chosen design.

Order of work when ordering services:

  • At the agreed time, an estimate engineer arrives at the repair site. He clarifies the size of the room, the wishes of customers, fixes the existing restrictions.
  • Based on the information received, an estimate is made with the cost of work and a list of all necessary materials.
  • A contract is prepared and concluded, where the terms and content of the work, the total cost of repairs are fixed.

The quality of services and terms are controlled during the execution and at the completion of the stages of work by the foreman and project manager. After that, they are handed over to the customer.
Upon completion of the work, cleaning and removal of garbage, installation of furniture, equipment is carried out.

We provide services throughout New York City.

You can leave a request in the form below and get advice on the possibility and price of repairing the kitchen, the entire apartment or individual rooms and see examples of work.

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