Alexandra L.  —  16 June 2022

Another way to use moldings in the interior

It's not just about the classic style - moldings will fit into any interior, if you choose them correctly and know certain numbers
How to choose moldings? 

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Alexandra L.  —  23 June 2022

How to choose a floor covering for your home

The floor is the basis in the apartment, so it must be durable and even. In order for the flooring to last a long time, it is important to choose it correctly. 

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Alexandra L.  —  27 June 2022

A good interior designer: 5 important distinguishing qualities

Good interior designer? How to understand it?
In modern realities, people are increasingly turning to interior designers for help in decorating their home. As with people in any other profession, you may meet professionals and those who pretend to be them. Distinguishing a good designer from a bad one is not always easy, especially at first. Let's say you like the portfolio of someone you want to hire, it suits your price, what else should you pay attention to? 

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