How to highlight the bathroom mirror correctly?

Bathroom mirror lighting

A mirror can be installed in any bathroom. Moreover, this piece of furniture performs 2 tasks at once. It is both a decorative and functional element of the bathroom. Mirrors harmoniously complement the interior and provide a visual increase in free space. To make them more functional, you will need a backlight.


Several types of mirrors are used in bathrooms:

Built-in. Such models are built into the locker. Suitable for small bathrooms.
Cosmetic. These are small models attached to the wall by means of a bracket — necessary for cosmetic purposes.
Rotary and movable mirrors are universal, as such models are found in small and small bathrooms.
Decorative. Models are used for aesthetics and visual expansion of free space.
Outdoor. These are free-standing structures in full growth. Suitable for installation in large bathrooms.

How to properly illuminate a mirror

To use the mirror functionality, you should know how to highlight a makeup mirror. First pick up the lamp. It can have a cold or warm shade. Next, we determine the method of installing the lamps.

To guarantee the correct illumination of the bathroom mirrors, several recommendations are taken into account:
The uniformity of lighting depends on the number and power of the lamps. The more lights are used for illumination, the less powerful they will be.

Proper illumination of the mirror in the bathroom is possible only if the functional areas of the bathroom are determined beforehand. That's where the lights should be installed.

Bathrooms have reflective surfaces. Therefore, the lamps should be placed at an angle to such surfaces. Such a solution eliminates the risk of glare, which can create uncomfortable sensations for the eyes.

You can not use the lights only above the mirror. This solution will lead to image distortion. Lighting devices are installed both on top and on the sides.

To achieve diversity and make the bathroom exclusive, it is worth experimenting with shades of ceiling lights.

LED strip is used for illumination.

Mirror lamps should not be connected to one electrical line if there is no need for their simultaneous use.

When installing the lamps, a number of safety rules are observed. Care should be taken about the high-quality insulation of the wiring, the location of the junction box outside the bathroom, the installation of grounding, etc.

Ways to highlight the bathroom mirror

There are several options for highlighting. Such methods are considered in demand:

Hidden. This method involves the embedding of lamps in a mirror canvas.
On the sides. For this method of illumination, wall sconces are usually used, tailored to the interior features.
Double. This is an original version of the backlight, which provides for the installation of two side lamps directed to the sides (up and down).

Installing lighting fixtures to illuminate the mirror in the bathroom is a responsible and complex process that forces you to take into account different nuances. Only when these factors are taken into account, the illuminated mirror will perform not only its main task function. It gives the room comfort and convenience. A pleasant atmosphere will be created in the bathroom. At the same time, there will be no danger to the health of the residents of the house or apartment.

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