Dark bathroom tiles: is it worth the risk? 

Dark tiles are an infrequent guest of bathrooms: many people avoid dark shades.

Yes, they are really "capricious" and can create some problems, but there are ways to solve them. We recommend you to learn about the features of using dark tiles in the bathroom, weigh all the pros and cons and make the right decision.

Dark tiles require attention

Dark tiles need more frequent care. Against this background, dust, traces of water droplets, especially soapy, are more noticeable, which requires more frequent washing of shelves. It can also be quite difficult to get rid of traces after washing. Due to these factors, dark tiles will be more practical for finishing those walls that do not get splashed with water. But such a finish in the shower area or the choice of dark tiles as a floor covering, on the contrary, will force you to wipe the walls dry every time after water procedures - keep a dry cloth at hand if you want to avoid a plaque of lime and soap foam. In addition, it is worth considering the texture of the tile and the pattern on it. If the tile surface is decorated with a stone or wood pattern, a small colorful print, then traces and stains will be less noticeable.

The dark tile is a very beautiful background for other details

Against the background of dark tiles, standard white plumbing looks very expressive - the contrast of dark and light always looks stylish and expressive. In addition, dark shades are usually combined with more other colors and materials – in interior decoration, you can combine dark tiles and wood, plastic, concrete, metal, in any case, the combination will look advantageous and attractive.

Dark tiles will reduce the space

The dark color will make the bathroom visually smaller, so it is not recommended to use it for very small rooms. However, if you dilute the dark tile with light or use dark tiles exclusively in the form of small accent planes, you can achieve a spectacular and comfortable result. In addition, it is often this effect – a comfortable and intimate, enveloping and secluded space - that you want to achieve in the bathroom: in this case, dark tiles will be an excellent solution.

Dark tile is original and not banal

While most will prefer practical beige-brown tones, your bathroom will impress at first glance. The atmosphere of luxury and sophistication is often associated with dark shades, which cannot but positively affect the appearance of the interior. In addition, dark colors are often used by designers to create spectacular and brutal masculine interiors.

Dark tiles will make the room darker

Dark tiles, which is quite natural, will make the room darker. By absorbing light rather than reflecting it, dark tiles on the walls and floor of the bathroom will make the room less illuminated. The ways to deal with this are simple – to provide sufficient artificial lighting, to think over the location of contrasting light areas, to limit the use of dark tiles to a small area of the bathroom interior.

Dark tiles accentuate the textures

On a dark background, the surface features become more noticeable – its relief and texture, which could be lost on a bright and mottled background. When you use a tile with an expressive texture, in a dark color it usually seems more spectacular. To emphasize the beauty of the relief material, use a light source located close to it and shining along the surface. The resulting shadows and glare of light accentuate the relief of the tile.

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