The floor is the basis in the apartment, so it must be durable and even. In order for the flooring to last a long time, it is important to choose it correctly.
It should be selected based on your needs, lifestyle and location of the apartment.
What materials are suitable for the floor
Floor coverings are made from a variety of materials: wood, stone, rubber, plastic, cork and carpet.
The apartment can be divided into several areas: recreation areas, work rooms and areas with greater traffic. The floor of each zone will perform different functions, so you need to choose your floor for it.
You can sit on the carpet, and you can drop mugs on the rubber - they won't break. Parquet looks expensive and solid, but it also costs a lot. Laminate is cheaper, but will swell with moisture. It is pleasant to walk barefoot on cork, and slippers will be needed for cold tiles. 

What to put in the bedroom, living room and kitchen  

For the living room, you should choose a floor covering that is more durable, non-slippery and easy to clean. There are more people in this part of the apartment, there is a lot of movement and the floor will be more susceptible to influences. A floor made of resistant materials such as parquet, laminate or cork is suitable.
In the bedroom, where you want warmth and comfort, it is better to put softer floor coverings that retain heat: carpet or cork.
Waterproof and hygienic coatings will become practical for kitchens and wet rooms. For example, tiles, linoleum and laminate.
What influences the choice of floor
The first thing to pay attention to is where the housing is. For example, for an apartment that is located on the ground floor, a covering that will not be "afraid" of moisture is suitable. Because of the basement, the humidity in such apartments will always be high.
Lifestyle also influences floor selection. If you like walking barefoot or running around your apartment, consider a softer, warmer surface.
It should be considered who will walk on the future surface. If there are children or animals in the family, you need to choose more practical materials that will be more difficult to spoil and which are easy to care for. 

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