Another way to use moldings in the interior

It's not just about the classic style - moldings will fit into any interior, if you choose them correctly and know certain numbers
How to choose moldings?
Molding is a decorative detail in the form of an overhead convex strip. With its help, you can visually raise the ceiling, add volume and diversify the space.
Moldings come in different widths, so you need to choose them in proportion to the room. For example, for small rooms with low ceilings, narrow models are recommended.
In spacious rooms with high ceilings, wider moldings will be appropriate, but it all depends on the pattern you want to get.

How to start decorating walls? 

First, make a drawing of the drawing that you plan to receive. Don't worry if you don't know how much distance should be between the moldings. The main thing is that they are located evenly and proportionally.
A little life hack: if you want to make frames from moldings, the distance between them should be equal to the height of the skirting board.
According to your drawing, builders will glue the moldings using special glue. This must be done before painting the walls.
How to use in the interior?
Most often in projects, designers paint moldings in the color of the walls - it looks good. But you can place them as you like.
The most common option is to make frames on the wall from the moldings.
Moldings can be used to decorate not only walls, but also ceilings.
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